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Kayli (trynyti)
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July 2011
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Kayli (trynyti) [userpic]

 "Hi there! I'm Poptart, the gijinka form of charizard 's favorite Jirachi plush!
Welcome to our sales journal. Before browsing the goods, we ask that you read and abide by a few things."

 ~ Granted sales permission on 2/14/11 by dakajojo
Feedback can be found here
**Please don't hesitate to ask me for feedback, or remind me to leave some for you, as I'd be happy to!**

~ I reserve the right not to sell to anyone banned from pkmncollectors
(or anyone else I deem untrustworthy)
That being said, all community rules apply!

~ I ship from Canada, and will ship internationally!
I am a slow shipper, please be warned ^^;
Prices do not include shipping/fees - please ask for a quote before committing to a purchase.
Shipping within Canada often tends to be more expensive, for whatever reason. :c
~ Allergy info: I do have cats, and although they are never in my room, their hair seems to migrate there anyway. >.<
Please inform me if you have allergies - I will take extra care in making sure your items are fur-free!

~ I am not responsible for packages after they leave my hands. Please clarify if you want insurance.

~ I am willing to volunteer myself as a GA host, and also for store runs!
If you need a Canadian eBay middleman, I can do that too.
However, be warned - shipping may be somewhat pricey, especially for plush!

~ Am I currently accepting trades?
yes // no

~ All prices are in dollars, and I only accept paypal - echecks are okay unless otherwise specified.
~ Holds? Sure! 24 hours is the limit, however, unless otherwise discussed.

~ Any other questions? Please feel free to ask! Poptart and I would love to help!

Kayli (trynyti) [userpic]

Poptart: "Welcome to the main sales post! Under the cut you will find plush, figures, games, and accessories, and anything that does not count as flats."
Last update: 4/22/11

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Kayli (trynyti) [userpic]

Poptart: "Welcome to our TCG/flats post. This section includes TCG cards/accessories, stickers, and other promo cards. Unless otherwise specified, cards are mint - pulled from boosters and stored in card sleeves in a zipped binder. More pictures can be taken upon request. This is only a small portion of the cards in our collection! If you're looking for something, especially from the ex sets, feel free to inquire - with the number or card set, if you can. Haggling is very much acceptable in this section - this is stuff that needs to be cleared out! Cards will be shipped in a top loader - and for each one used I will add a 25 cent charge to your purchase to help cover costs for them."
Last updated 4/22//2012
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Kayli (trynyti) [userpic]

Currently under the cut:
Video games, some snazzy Zelda gamecube skins, manga, Care Bear items, and various video game magazine posters!
Posters may have slight oil residue on corners from sticky tack - feel free to ask about specific condition and also sizes of posters.
Last updated: 7/16/11

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